Creative Investment

Our site is currently under maintenance: If you would like to sign up to be a Creative Sponsor, receive a Storybook, or make any kind of donation, kindly send us an email at

Thank you so much, zikomo kwambili, for your support! Your contribution goes a long way!

Nkhani Zanga Storybook

A Storybook is a written, visual and audio journal that showcases the creative pieces of our youth and children and includes an explanation of their creative journey. A Storybook will also contain a CD containing original songs from our youth. Every purchase you make supports our growth and enables us to water more seeds of blossoming creativity!


47446282_356973131519322_3024342405919801344_nEducation & Creativity Sponsorship

We support the education and invest in the creative talents of several of our talented youth and children. We provide these selected youth and children with access to education, and skills training relevant to their particular creative talent, whether it be vocal training, music and creative arts production workshops, access to studio time and much more. We would love to invest in more youth and children! If you like our mission and support what we do, consider investing in the creativity and education of our selected beneficiaries. If you would like to make monthly donations, you will receive regular updates on the creative and educational growth of the youth or child we pair you with. Please email us for more information about this investment:

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