Stories from the Youth

Stories and creative expressions from our youth. For a translation of lyrics and for a deeper explanation of each song, please purchase a Storybook to support our mission!

Everybody Knows It – Vision of Hope

Work Together – Vision of Hope

Nkhani Zanga – Vision of Hope

Celebrate – Vision of Hope ft. Mufrika Edwards


Tomorrow Is My Day – Vision of Hope ft. Wezi

Freedom in Africa – Vision of Hope

Shine – Vision of Hope

More Love – Vision of Hope

Dear Mama – Don Bosco’s Bauleni Youth Group (ft. JQizi, Fly Bizo & George HaRis)

Free Like a Bird – Don Bosco’s Bauleni Youth Group 

I Am Alive – Don Bosco’s Bauleni Youth Group 

Marry You – Don Bosco’s Bauleni Youth Group

For more songs and updates, visit our Youtube page and stay tuned for more creativity to be released soon!
If you would like to purchase CDs and a storybook with a deeper explanation of our creative process please send us an email at

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