We partner with different centers around Lusaka, Zambia and within Southern Africa, that cater to the needs of vulnerable children and youth and/or work towards fostering creative expression. Below are some of our partners!

Vision of Hope10603819_826674284044311_1306363542764251942_oVision of Hope (VoH) is a shelter for vulnerable girls in Lusaka. It was founded in 2009 by Chitalu Chishimba, after her own traumatic experience, she has passionately dedicated her life’s mission, alongside several other  compassionate staff members to empowering  girls and women in need and providing them with a safe haven.  Most of VoH’s beneficiaries have experienced physical and/or sexual abuse, neglect and/or abandonment in some form. VoH offers girls, aged infant to early twenties, with shelter, education, health care, nutrition, counseling, family reintegration support, and of course, love and acceptance. We recorded a 9 song album with girls from Vision of Hope.

To find out more information about VoH and the work they do, you can visit their website 

The Salesians of Don Bosco – Bauleni Youth Group

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Don Bosco is an international catholic organization that offers various services and activities to marginalized communities around the world. We partnered with one of their branches in Bauleni compound where a small drop-in youth group had been established. Youth from the ages of around 7 and up, girls and boys, have access to a basketball court and soccer field, church services, mentorship and guidance by the Brothers, and a classroom to use for their own purposes. We recorded a 10 song album with boys and girls from Don Bosco’s Bauleni youth group. We have also invested in the education of two selected youth and provided them with further skills training by experts in the field to further their creative talents.

To find out more information about Don Bosco’s mission, visit

Inner Circle – Arts & Entertainment
Inner Circle, is a drop-in youth center, recording, film and photography studio for youth and upcoming artists to connect with other creative minds and have access to creating their own, original content under supervision and guidance of other artists. Inner Circle is located in the heart of the ghetto making it a one of a kind high quality studio and easily accessible for vulnerable youth and marginalised community members to express themselves. We record songs with youth and children at Inner Circle, offer creative workshops by experts in the field and sponsor the education and creative development selected created youth.

To find out more information about Inner Circle, visit their Facebook page:

Home Lounge

home-lounge-logo.jpgA creative hub for upcoming artists in Pretoria, South Africa. We partnered with Home Lounge for a 2018 festival called Smoking Dragon, that they are affiliated with. We brought two of the artists we work with in Zambia to perform there.

To find out more information about Home Lounge, visit their Facebook page:

Music Out of Africa
A recording studio and production company, founded by Zamba Anamela, that advocates for the rights of children and produces other creative works in Zambia. Founder, Zamba, is directly involved in mentoring two of our creative youth, teaching them about the music industry, event planning and management, the art of music production, a foundation to film-making and storytelling, and offering them with studio time.

To find out more information about Music Out of Africa, visit their Facebook page:

Oak Foundation
Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern. We are grateful and honoured to have received a discretionary grant from Oak Foundation, which has helped us kickstart our mission and do the work we’ve done so far.


To find out more information about Oak Foundation and the work they do, visit their website:

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