Our Approach

Approach and Partnerships
We partner with different centers around Lusaka that cater to the needs of vulnerable children and/or work towards fostering creative expression at a community level. Projects at each center include a variety of activities. Nkhani Zanga also partners with artists (musicians, painters, producers, dancers, etc.) to offer them with the opportunity to promote their own work and to inspire the children’s creative visions, share their skills to the children and help facilitate workshops. Our goal is to bring people closer together through art and empathy.

Activities and Services Offered
Some of the activities and services we offer our beneficiaries include: 

  • Recording and promotion of songs and albums
  • Music video production
  • Creative workshops often featuring guest speakers sharing or demonstrating their skills
  • Access to secondary and primary education for selected creative youth
  • Provision of opportunities for selected talented youth to perform at different events and have access to attending creative workshops held by professionals in the field 
  • Concerts and ceremonies for children and youth to showcase their creative talent
  • Group murals at centers for children
  • Promotion of two of our creative facilitators and upcoming Zambian artists through support for the showcasing of their talent at an internationally renowned festival in South Africa
  • Collaboration with a range of creative partners and social workers in Zambia
  • Group drawing activities
  • Creative writing
  • Mentorship skills training programs where selected youth are teamed up with experts in their field to learn a creative skills
  • Artist promotion


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