Our Approach

Approach and Partnerships
We partner with different centers around Lusaka that cater to the needs of vulnerable children and/or work towards fostering creative expression at a community level. Projects at each center will last for a duration of approximately three months and will include a variety of activities. Nkhani Zanga will also partner with local Zambian artists (musicians, painters, producers, dancers, etc.) to offer them with the opportunity to promote their own work and to inspire the children’s creative visions, share their skills to the children and help facilitate workshops.

Outline of Project Activities Per Center
Projects at each center will include activities designed around music, art and movement. These will take place in a workshop format. Workshops will be for about three hours at a time, three times a week, and will be based on a play therapy/expressive therapy model. Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to write and record their own songs or pieces; create visual images of experiences and feelings; and gain self-awareness and self-confidence through conscious movement and improvised choreography. Mindfulness activities will also be incorporated into the structure of the program in order to teach stress management and self-awareness.

Intended Results
Nkhani Zanga’s goal at the end of each project with a partner organization will be to produce a final album of approximately six songs that the children have composed, with explanations, lyrics and artwork included and attached to each song. The end product will be an audio/visual and written ‘storybook’. Two or three songs may also have an official music video that will allow the children who do not express themselves visually, musically or verbally to do so through movement and dance. The artists we partner with may also feature in our final storybook and will also be given a platform to expose their own personal art to a larger audience. Approximately 50 final storybooks will be given to the partner organization to use for their own purposes, while 50 will be kept by Nkhani Zanga to sell as an income generating activity.

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