Our Mission

Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves”

Our mission is to empower vulnerable youth and upcoming artists in Lusaka, Zambia to tell their stories through creative expression and to communicate and celebrate the diversity of the human experience

Our vision is a Zambia where everyone has an opportunity to tell their story and has access to a creative platform to express it

We aim to:
1. Encourage vulnerable youth to give voice to their narrative and learn how to effectively tell a story through creative and expressive arts including:

  • Music, spoken word and creative writing
  • Visual arts
  • Physical expression and movement

2. Promote and support local artists in their creative expression

“If I focus on the story of the history and not the story of what came out of it, which is a story of survival, triumph, and love, then I could miss out on the healing.”

(Jackson. S., The Healing Power of Storytelling)


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